Mission and Vision

Values Statement

To promote co-operative, yet autonomous schools that work together and who have collaborative working relationships between all staff, pupils, parents, directors and the wider community that results in a shared vision of excellence and high expectations of behaviour and academic standards.


  • To provide a secure, caring and stimulating environment where everyone is valued and has the opportunity to achieve their potential
  • To provide an education which will equip children to become responsible citizens and life-long learners
  • To have high expectations of each other and all of our children both inside and outside of the school
  • To create a school community where trust, collaboration and respect results in academic excellence
  • To ensure inspiring and innovative teaching that is delivered through a broad, rich and challenging curriculum
  • To provide enhanced experiences for children to develop a love of learning
  • To provide a great place to work, with freedom to innovate
  • To value our staff and allow them to explore their passions
  • To invest in the building, environment and resources

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